Why BusyBee WiFi?

At BusyBee WiFi we bring enterprise grade WiFi, networking, computers, and managed IT services to businesses in the Los Angeles area.

At BusyBee WiFi it is our promise to upgrade your current network or deploy a new one in a timely manner with stupendous technology at an affordable investment that will shatter your expectations. It’s simple: people choose us because our technology is fast, secure, insightful, and easy to scale. Plus, you’ll be headache free since we’ll manage it for you!

We leverage cutting edge enterprise technologies from Aerohive Networks, Sonicwall, and other industry-leaders to build the most secure, reliable, scalable, and simple networks for clients in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Downtown LA, Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Fullerton, Woodland Hills, & Newport Beach.

Ready To Read About Our Secret Sauce?

Learn About: Security

We are in the age of the Internet of Things (IOT), which means that businesses like yours are more vulnerable. Stealthy hackers can strategically hack into your internet connected french fry cooker or your air conditioning system to get into your network and then grab top-secret customer information such as their credit card information or social security numbers- the latter example is exactly what happened to a big-box retailer who has a big red target as a logo a few months ago. Want to eliminate the concern of this happening in your own business? BusyBee WiFi will leverage Aerohive’s private PPSK technology to give each device it’s own credentials to eliminate this concern. Uniquely identify and secure users and devices without the drawbacks and complexity of RADIUS solutions, or the weaknesses of a traditional shared PSK. Aerohive’s ‘Private’ PSK technology gives you the ability to easily onboard and identify devices, without security or complexity concerns.

We provide a simple yet powerful authentication method:

  • Secure access for IoT devices that don’t support 802.1X
  • Simplified guest access workflows and onboarding applications
  • 1000’s of unique Pre-Shared Keys per user or device within a single SSID
  • Customizable security policies per PPSK group including VLAN assignment, time of day access, bandwidth allocation and firewall settings
  • Revoke a single key without effecting the rest of the network
  • Self-registration against AD for personal BYOD
  • Time-based key validity for guest access

Provides IT with visibility and granular control over mobile applications:

  • Prioritize and control of specific applications based on user and device identity
  • DPI firewall built-in to all Aerohive Access Points to restrict usage of social, peer-to-peer, streaming and other troublesome applications
  • QoS classification engine to enhance performance of mission critical applications such as voice and video
  • Monitor application usage per user, device, SSID, and location in HiveManager’s powerful contextualized dashboards

With a range of protection services built into every access point, you can safely unleash mobility throughout your organization:

  • Fully stateful layer 2-7 firewall policies personalized to specific user groups or devices
  • On-board RADIUS Server, CA and AD integration to leverage existing user database
  • OS/Device classification engine enables granular policy enforcement
  • Scheduled SSID availability
  • WIPS policy for rogue detection and mitigation
  • TPM chips inside every AP encrypt precious data from physical theft
  • GRE and VPN tunneling to DMZ or remote locations
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

and there’s more, but you are probably tired of reading right now, so we’ll tell you the rest in person!

Learn About: Speed

We leverage Aerohive technologies to maximize WiFi client throughput and deliver to our clients blazing fast high performance 802.11ac WiFi. Additionally, we are able to optimize your speeds through monitoring, analyzing, and making adjustments on either an application or user basis.

Learn About: Reliability

Aerohive has developed a cooperative control wireless LAN architecture. The Aerohive WLAN solution provides all the performance, availability, management, mobility, and security needed in a large campus deployment, and, with the elimination of controllers in the architecture, is cost effective even in small branch office and warehouse deployments.
  • No u-turns, bottlenecks, or single points of failure
  • Flexible expansion – just add APs
  • Superior branch performance and survivability
  • Real mesh support
  • Increased reliability and reduced cost (no controllers)
  • Advanced value-added functionality

Learn About: Collecting Insightful Customer Data

Make sure that your Chief Marketing Officer is sitting down before your share with them what BusyBee WiFi and Aerohive Networks can do for them. They may just fall over from excitement. Oh, and for the Chief Technology Officers out there- we want to let you in on a big secret: we know that your mouth is probably already watering after you read about our tech. That’s perfectly natural. No need to go see a doctor. If you don’t have the tech budget to get this brilliant solution, then tell your CMO the following and we’re certain that they’ll pick up the tab.

Imagine a world where you could effortlessly collect and monitor real-time data that provide you with key insight into the behaviors of your customers… No, not their behavior on your shop’s website, but their behavior in your physical store, office, coffee shop, bar, club, amusement park, or showroom. What if we were tell you that we could tell you how many people walked into your store, how frequently they return, where they walk around in the store, how long they look at certain displays, how many people walk past the front and don’t come in, and how many people are returning customers? What if we were to tell you where people are in real time in your store so that you could send sales associates to go help them? What if we were to tell you that they don’t even have to connect to your WiFi for you to get all of this data? And what if we were to tell you that if they did happen to connect to your network, you could collect key information for marketing to them in the future and open a direct line of communication with them through which you could reward them with loyalty points, give them coupons, or send them a picture of a smiley face when they wake up in the morning (okay, we don’t actually recommend the smiley face each morning- that might be a little weird). Okay, well we can do all of that and more. The future is here. Jump on the rocket ship with BusyBee WiFi. Our first destination is equipping you with key consumer insight so that you can make the informed decisions that will increase your profits.

Learn About: The Ability To Scale

Aerohive’s Cloud Services Platform enables scalable, secure, and reliable network applications by taking advantage of the cloud while also preserving an unmatched level of flexibility often associated with on-premises solutions. Customers can still decide what to run, when to upgrade and comply with network operation policies.

Adding new offices or expanding existing offices and want to use the same WiFi network policies? No problem. It’s as simple as contacting BusyBee WiFi, getting the additional hardware, and some setup and deployment from BusyBee WiFi.

The WiFi and Network Construction or Improvement Process

1. Assessment

Every space is unique, so it is essential that we understand the space we are working with so that we can deploy the optimal WiFi solution there. WiFi access point placement is key, so we’ll come to your place of business and conduct a hands-on site survey. During this survey we’ll also discuss with you how you want your WiFi policies to be built (if you want to have a special guest network, create device specific credentials, and much more cool stuff that is too exciting to write about and better experienced in person). From that, we’ll prepare and share with you a heat map that will guide access point choice and placement. We’ll also discuss any other hardware that you may need to ensure you have the best network possible, such as switches and network security appliances.

2. Implementation

Once you approve the plan created in the assessment phase, it’s time to bring it into reality! Once your hardware order through us arrives, we’ll bring it to your office, run the necessary cabling, and mount the WiFi access points (typically on ceilings or walls). We’ll also install any other hardware in your package such as switches or network security appliances. BusyBee WiFi will then build your custom network and WiFi policies as discussed during the on-site meeting in the assessment phase and deploy them to the newly installed WiFi access points and other network appliances, such as network security appliances and switches. After a few tests to ensure everything is working well, we’ll train your team how to use the new WiFi in your workplace and send them their own login credentials.

3. Maintenance

At BusyBee WiFi, we manage your WiFi network for you so you don’t have the headache! Our management options include a basic and advanced plan. With the advanced plan, we’ll add your new employees and other users whenever you need, keep the hardware up to date, monitor the network, maintain it with the utmost care, and more!

Our support team is always just a phone call away! We’re here for you.

One of the key differences in our basic and advanced plan is the software and it’s capabilities that is used to manage your WiFi access points. Our basic plan leverages Aerohive’s Connect cloud based management solution and our more sophisticated advanced plan leverages the Aerohive Select cloud based management solution. You can read about the differences in software in this overview. The great thing is that you can upgrade from our basic to advanced service plan at anytime without the need to purchase any additional hardware!

Our Menu Of Services

1. Hardware Sales (WiFi access points, switches, network security appliances, and computers- all at discounted prices).
2. Basic Annual WiFi/Network Support
3. Advanced Annual WiFi/Network Support
4. On-Site WiFi Access Point and Network Installation/Configuration
5. Custom Data Analytics App Development Leveraging Aerohive Devices
6. Office-wide I.T. Annual Support
Already have an I.T. department? We aren’t here to replace them. We are here to enable and empower them!

Our Recommended WiFi Access Points

Aerohive AP550

The Aerohive AP550 is a dual radio, 4×4:4 802.11ac access point, providing robust 802.11ac Wave 2 performance with data rates up to 1.73 Gbps per radio. Software selectable radio allows customers to enable 5 GHz 802.11ac performance and MU-MIMO on both radios to provide excellent coverage, capacity and aggregated performance up to 3.46 Gbps, making it ideally suited for high density, high capacity environments and manufacturing environments among others. AP550 is equipped with built-in BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) radio for proximity, indoor location tracking and other location-based mobile engagement services as well as a USB port to enable other wireless technologies.

Aerohive AP250

The Aerohive AP250 is a dual radio, 3×3:3 802.11ac access point MU-MIMO, providing full 802.11ac Wave2 performance with data rates up to 1.3 Gbps per radio, using existing 802.3af PoE infrastructure. software selectable radio allows IT managers to enable 802.11ac performance on both radios to provide the best of coverage and capacity Wi-Fi design and protects the investment. Built-in BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) radio enables proximity, indoor location tracking and other location-based mobile engagement services. Aerohive’s AP250 is BusyBee WiFi’s #1 selling WiFi access point!

Aerohive AP130

The Aerohive AP130 is a 2×2, 2 spatial stream, 802.11ac access point that provides full 802.11ac performance using existing 802.3af PoE infrastructure. Advanced software features and simplified management offers a cost optimized solution that allows you to deploy high speed Wi-Fi into every office or classroom. Running powerful HiveOS coupled with Aerohive’s innovative distributed Cooperative Control protocols, AP130 maintains the Aerohive standard for cost-effective solution that enables environments with mostly 1×1 or 2×2 client devices.

Aerohive AP1130

For the great outdoors! The Aerohive AP1130 is a high-performing and ruggedized 802.11ac outdoor access point. AP1130 provides high-performance dual band concurrent (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11ac (2×2:2) MIMO and has a Gigabit Ethernet port. With two antennas on each radio and the ability to provide service concurrently on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, the AP1130 provides support for 802.11ac as well as legacy 802.11a, b, g and n clients. With extended temperature range and a watertight chassis, the AP1130 can be deployed in almost any outdoor environment on earth. Through Aerohive’s industry unique and resilient controller-less architecture.

Our Recommended Network Security Appliances


BusyBee WiFi has partnered up with Sonicwall to provide the best network security to our clients. We will help choose and implement the best fitting Sonicwall device for your office to ensure the ultimate security, reliability, and speed. Protect your organization with highly effective intrusion prevention, anti-malware, content/URL filtering and application control with the business-grade SonicWall TZ Series Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls. Eliminate network bottlenecks and increase productivity while also providing secure access to a broad range of mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Confidently deploy this secure, sophisticated small-business firewall appliance in a wide range of organizations, such as retail, branch/remote offices or home offices. With a SonicWall TZ Series firewall, you can be assured your wired and wireless networks are protected by a secure, sophisticated and widely deployed security platform.

Our Recommended Switches


BusyBee WiFi has partnered up with Aerohive Networks to deliver enterprise-grade cloud-managed access switches provide unified wired and wireless access with centralized management by BusyBee WiFi and visibility across your entire network. Aerohive’s SR switches provide energy-efficient gigabit Layer 3-Lite capabilities with flexible PoE options, as well as a wealth of port density options. Critical capabilities, such as zero-touch provisioning, and powerful QoS make these switches a complement to any enterprise network. The SR2208P, a fanless desktop switch offers quick and easy wiring closet extensions, while the SR2224P, an entry level access switch, offers simple wiring closet expansion. The SR2324P and SR2348P provide premium bandwidth and port density access on the edge of the network.

Our Recommended Computers

Dell & HP

BusyBee WiFi wants to insure that all of our clients are able to purchase other technology items for their office at the best prices available. Thus, we are a resell of the business-class laptops and desktops from Dell, HP, and other industry leading brands. We also offer our clients with a wide array of digital storage devices, computer monitors, and other business technology gear along with their setup and implementation into your workflow.

Who Uses Aerohive Products?